Animal Orders Mycoplasma Testing Quarantine & Rederivation Cryopreservation

Animal Ordering
Animal ordering is restricted to the researchers of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Laboratory animals will be supplied only upon the approval of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

The Diagnostic and Quality Control Laboratory
The Diagnostic Laboratory of the Department of Veterinary Resources will check for mycoplasma contamination in biological materials, such as cultured cells. No identification of the species of the contaminating mycoplasma will be attempted.

The Isolation and Sterile Animal Unit
Introduction of new animals from external sources other than approved commercial vendors, e.g. animals from collaborations from other institutes, have to be approved according to their health status . Animals may have to undergo a quarantine and rederivition process. Contact Ilana Alon at ext. 4522.

The cryopreservation service preserves mouse lines by sperm freezing. Contact Dr. Rebecca Haffner at ext. 2719.

Weizmann Metabolic Forum
The Metabolic Research Forum of the Weizmann Institute provides an interdepartmental venue for this field, with the goal of facilitating communication, collaboration and new initiatives. Contact Dr. Yael Kuperman at ext. 2315.

Special diets can be ordered and prepared by the department.
Contact Ilana Alon (Administrator), tel. 4522.