Transgenic & Knockout Facility

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The Facility for Genetically Modified Animals is one of a small number of similar centres worldwide, dedicated exclusively to the production and phenotypic analysis of genetically modified mice. The Embryonic Stem (ES) Cell Laboratory provides cell lines, tissue culture facilities and expertise to train and assist scientists in the production of targeted stem cell clones.

In the Transgenic and Knockout Mice Production Laboratory, pronuclear injection, embryo aggregations and transfers and other microsurgical techniques required for the production of mutant animals are performed. The laboratory also carries out embryo-freezing and IVF. Experimental mice are kept in state-of-the art individually ventilated cages, which are fully computerized and provide optimal environmental conditions.

All transgenic and knockout experiments must have prior IACUC approval.

Morphologic analysis of mutant mice relies on the Histology Laboratory, where sections of paraffin- and plastic-embedded tissue are stained by traditional methods, and the Immunohistology Laboratory, which provides assistance in sectioning, fluorescent and enzymatic staining and in situ hybridization. A sophisticated Microscopy and Digital Imaging unit, including stereo-, brightfield and fluorescent microscopes with dedicated cameras, and a Zeiss LSM 510 confocal microscope, is available for morphological studies and documentation.

Refer to a list of equipment available at Weizmann for phenotypic analysis of mutant mice.