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  • POLICE call 100
  • AMBULANCE call 101
  • FIRE BRIGADE call 102
  • APARTMENT PROBLEM (outwith office hours) call (08-934)-3333
  • WIS SECURITY TEAM call (08-934)-2999
  • SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT call (08-934)-5555
  • TAXI call 08-936-3333 (24/7)

Please remember that if you dialing from within the Institute, you should dial 08 to get an outside line, prior to dialing 100, 101 or 102


In the case of a medical emergency, we have qualified staff to handle these situations, and they are on duty 24/7.  You should call the emergency contact center on (08-934)-2999 and provide us with the following information:

  • Location of the injured person
  • Their medical condition
  • If possible, their name
  • Your name and contact details

The emergency center will call an ambulance promptly upon receiving such a request.

  • Injured people are not always aware of the gravity of their situation and therefore, must not be allowed to walk or drive away by themselves.
  • Following inspection, the security officer will determine whether the injured person should be taken to hospital via ambulance or whether they can administer appropriate first aid.
  • If the injured person is evacuated to hospital, then a friend or colleague should accompany them.