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Tenant Handbook


Alarm Call

The telephone in your apartment has the facility to allow you to set an alarm call:

Dial 17311 xx hrs xx minutes, 2 for AM or 7 for PM.

Air-conditioner / Heater

A/C units are operational in all of our apartments to cool and heat them.  Please ensure that you switch these off when you exit the apartment.  Instructions are on separate card in apartment.

For Visiting Scientists, additional heaters and fans are available in our office.

Baby equipment

If you are visiting with babies or toddlers, we can provide you with cots or bed guards.

For Visiting Scientists, we also have a limited number of children's dining chairs.

Please advise us prior to arrival of your needs.


Please do not grill or barbecue on the balconies of your apartments without the prior consent of your neighbors.

Cable television

You have access to a wide variety of channels in various languages. You may switch channels using the remote control.  There is an instruction card in your apartment

Cleaning Apartments

Visitors are responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of their apartments, however, we have a list of private cleaners available in the Housing Office - ask for details.

Contents Insurance

We strongly advise you to insure your valuables. The Institute cannot be held responsible for thefts. We recommend Yedidim.

Damage and Replacement

Please notify the Housing Office immediately should you damage something in the apartment.

If something needs to be replaced, we will obtain an accurate replacement cost estimate and notify the guest what the charge will be.

Replacement Key - 50 shekels

Parking Lot Remote Controls - 150 shekels


Electricity in Israel is 220 volts, 50 Hz, (as in Europe). A transformer is necessary for most North American appliances.

The outlet plugs are three-pronged, and a plug-adapter is necessary for foreign plugs.

See: Electrical Guide for the Tourist in Israel.

Enviromental Awareness

WIS recognises the need to demonstrate environmental awareness, promote recycling, and reduce our carbon footprint by minimising energy wastage. We strongly encourage you to work with us to meet these important challenges. Please therefore be aware of the following:


In the parking lots of Lunenfeld-Kunin residences and Europe House, there are blue bins for recycling paper/cardboard and tins/bottles.  Municipality-provided bins for plastic bottles and clothes can be found on the street between Europe House and Lunenfeld-Kunin residences. Please ensure that all recyclable goods are clean; do not put food waste in recycling bins.


Try to save water by following some of these tips:

  • Spend less time in the shower, or turn off the water while you’re applying soap.
  • Do not leave the water running when cleaning your teeth.
  • Report any leaks or dripping taps so they can be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Do not run the cold tap till the water is cool before filling your water bottle: why not fill your bottle straight away and put it in the fridge?
  • Do not boil a litre of water for one cup of tea, as this wastes electricity: just fill the kettle with as much water as you need.


Please switch off any lights that are not being used, and when you leave your room.  Pay particular attention to the balcony lights in Europe House and Lunenfeld-Kunin residences.


Please switch off the a/c when you are not in the apartment as this is a huge waste of electricity.  In the Lunenfeld-Kunin Residences and Europe House, we have installed movement sensors in the living rooms which will automatically switch off the a/c when no movement is detected.

If you need the sensor deactivated for religious reasons, please contact the housing office.

Garbage disposal

Lunenfeld-Kunin Residence:  bins are located in the parking lot
Europe House:  bins are located in the back of the western wing
Kipnis Street Complex:  bins are located in the parking lot near Bldg. # 16

Please keep the areas surrounding the bins clean.


This is relevant for guests in Europe House and the Lunenfeld-Kunin Residences only.

If you have guests coming to visit you, or are getting a take-away delivered, there is an intercom located at the pedestrian entrance to Europe House and on Pinsker Street for the Lunenfeld-Kunin Residences.
Have your guest dial the last 4 digits of your apartment telephone number (written on the phone), and when you answer, press 8 for a few seconds and it will open the gate for them to enter.

International Club

Located in the Lunenfeld-Kunin Residences, this is a social space for International guests of the Weizmann Institute containing a large lounge area, kitchen, PC with internet access and printer, large screen TV with cable, a library, children's toys, a ping-pong table and table football.

The club can be reserved for celebrating birthday's etc. by contacting the Housing Office.

There are regular classes such as meditation, pilates, and more.  Full details of classes can be found here.


We provide wireless internet connections in our apartments in Lunenfeld-Kunin residences and Europe House.  They are not password protected and are called EDIMAX.  In other residences, we provide a wired connection.

Please do NOT set-up a password on the routers.

Laundry Facilities

We have machines located in the laundry rooms in both Europe House and the Lunenfeld-Kunin residences.

The machines are operated by coins and each load costs 7 shekels.  Please do not use 2 shekel coins as the machines do not recognise them.

You need to purchase your own powder/softener.

Overnight Guest Policy


As you are a resident in gender dependant shared housing, which has been designated for a certain number of people, below are the guidelines regarding having house guests:

  1. No Guests are allowed to stay overnight for more than 14 consecutive nights if they are from abroad, or for 7 consecutive nights if they are from other parts of Israel.  
  2. If you would like to have an overnight guest, you should request the agreement of your roommate(s).  If they do NOT agree, then the guest should NOT stay overnight.
  3. Please be considerate when you have an overnight guest:           Do not monopolise the shared living areas; Keep your and your guests belongings in your room; Keep the toiletries in the bathroom tidy; The guest should sleep in your room – not in the shared areas.
  4. It is NOT acceptable to have partners (boyfriends/girlfriends) staying over in your apartment more than 1 night per week, and again should be coordinated in agreement with your roommate.

Residents who do not abide by these rules will be given one warning, and if there is no improvement, will be asked to leave WIS housing.


You are welcome to have guests come and visit you, however, we ask that you are considerate towards other guests and ensure that the housing office knows of any guests staying for longer than 14 consecutive nights.

We can provide you with extra mattress' if you do not have a fold-out couch, and extra bedding sets may be purchased for the cost of the laundry - ask in the housing office.

Parking Lots

In the Lunenfeld-Kunin Residences and Europe House there is a secure parking lot accessed by remote control.  Please advise us if you are buying or renting a car, so that we can provide you with a remote control for the electric gate.


We are sorry, but pets are not allowed in our apartments. Please refrain from feeding stray cats, as they might become a nuisance to your neighbors.


A playground is located adjacent to the Lunenfeld-Kunin Residences, and in the Eisenberg Complex.

Rental Payments

Housing rental is charged in arrears.  No payment is required prior to arrival.

Invoices will be sent to your department, and a copy will be sent to the cashiers office.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card at the cashiers office which is located in the Stone Administration Building, ground floor, room 18.  They can be contactd on 08-934-3495, between 08.00 - 16.00 Sunday - Thursday.

Telephone (Also see Voicemail & Alarm Call)

Your telephone is open to make local calls to both landlines and mobile telephone numbers within Israel.

To make calls abroad, calling cards (known locally as "telecards") may be purchased at all post office branches.


When the dial tone is not constant, or you have a flashing red light on your phone, you have a message.

To access the system, dial 96 – when asked for an access code, dial the last 4 digits of your telephone number.

Throughout the system, when you are prompted to answer: 1 = YES  2 = NO

Press 3 to skip to the end of the msg Press 34 to reply to the message
Press 5 to raise/lower volume Press 36 to delete the message
Press 7 to repeat the message 37 to save the message
Press 8 to stop the message Press 38 to establish the time of the message
Press 9 to hear the next message Press 39 to forward the message
Press 746 to record your own voicemail greeting (follow the voice instructions)  


To check your voicemail from outside the apartment, dial 08-934-3388, then dial 9 when prompted, followed by your extension number (the last 4 digits of your telephone number).

Weizmann Institute Switchboard

The central switchboard can be reached internally by dialing ext. 88. Working hours are Sunday - Thursday from 07:00 - 18:30.