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Clore Garden of Science

The Clore Garden of Science is a unique, entirely outdoor science museum, the only one of its kind worldwide.

Its 800 square meters of green lawns are home to nearly 80 hands-on exhibits large and small. The carefully built displays demonstrate the laws of physics, solar energy, water power and other natural phenomena that we take for granted every day. Natural elements such as sunlight, wind and water play an important role in many of the Garden's displays. These hands on exhibits come to life only in the encounter with a curious visitor who twists, pushes, bounces and pieces them together.

Among the fascinating exhibits at the Clore Garden of Science are a solar furnace that can instantly set wood on fire, water sprinklers that surround you with a full-circle rainbow, an exhibit that simulates walking on the moon and a water channel that shows the physics of wave action. The EcoSphere is a unique new educational facility, inviting visitors to explore environmental phenomena and interrelationships within the ecosystem.

The Garden gained international fame when it was awarded the 1999 Award for Innovation by the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) in partnership with BBH Exhibits, Inc.

Upon presentation of your temporary Weizmann Access card, you will receive free entry.

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