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Sequence Alignment of In-Utero Fetal Tissue MRI in Mice - Ayelet Akselrod-Ballin


In-utero 3D MRI analysis of embryos in mice is difficult due to the periodic and non-periodic motion, small tissues and multiple embryos involved. This paper presents an automated algorithm for serial alignment of fetal tissue in MRI of pregnant mice. The algorithm extends our former algorithm to allow follow up across time between 3D MR sequences in a difficult novel small animal application. The algorithm is based on features combining intensity and geometric information and the registration energy function is minimized by alternating optimization with regard to the feature correspondence and transformation model. Experimental validation on a set of MRI acquisition with fetal livers and placentas demonstrate the high accuracy and promise of the approach. The results confirm that measures of development can be automatically derived from multi-fetal pregnancy in mice.

3D Illustration of nine fetuses in a pregnant mouse overlaid on a RARE  scan. (1a) Placentas analyzed (1b) Corresponding ROI blocks used for registration (2a) fetus livers, (2b) corresponding ROI blocks used by the registration process.

Database: Available.

Software:  X code in MATLAB (ZIP file) , Start with the "X.m"