Multimode AFM (Bruker AXS)


  1. Contact, tapping mode, and peak-force scanning of surfaces
  2. 13 x 13 x 3 micron scanner; 190 x 190 x 6 micron scanner; 100 x 100 x 5 micron scanner with heating/cooling capabilities (-30 - + 100 oC)
  3. Scanning Capacitance Microscopy
  4. Scanning Kelvin and Scanning Electrostatic Microscopy
  5. Magnetic Force Microscopy
  6. Liquid Cell
  7. Peak-Force TUNA for current measurement with sub-picoamp sensitivity
  8. PF-QNM TM mode for quantitative mechanical mapping
  9. Environmental shield
  10. Electrochemical STM
  11. Pico-STM
  12. Maximum sample size approx. 1 x 1 cm, 5 mm height



  1. Closed Loop on all available scanners
  2. Smena AFM head for working in air or liquid work in scanning tip mode with a 100 x 100 x 15 micron scanner.
  3. SF005 head for working under ambient conditions with 10 x 10 x 9 micron and 90 x 90 x 15 micron scanners.
  4. Possibility to operate the bottom 100 micron scanner with the Smena head to achieve a combined scan range of the two scanners.
  5. Contact mode, semicontact mode, SKPM, and EFM are offered on all the above set-ups except that there are no electric modes in liquids.
  6. Possibility to work with samples up to 10 cm diameter (possibly larger –contact us)
  7. Works in contact and semicontact modes, as well as SKPM, EFM, and MFM.

Nanowizard 3 (JPK)


  1. Integrated with a Zeiss Axiozoom microscope with top (ringlight) and bottom LED illumination with maximum magnification 53x NA , and a standard filter set.
  2. Closed-loop 100 micron scanner (15 microns in z) and automated stage integrated with optics through software for correlative optical and AFM imaging, as well as acquiring a grid of images to build a larger mosaic.
  3. Liquid cells for working in small cells (60 microliters), inside a meniscus drop or in a petri dish, the latter with heater room temp. at 60 oC.
  4. Quantitative imaging (QITM) mode for quantitative mechanical mapping.
  5. Hyperdrive for high-resolution imaging in liquid.
  6. Contact, AC, QI modes.

Smart SPM/Combiscope (AIST-NT)


  1. The AFM is placed inside of a glovebox allowing environmental control and equipped with humidity sensor with option for oxygen sensor.         
  2. Built-in optics allowing external laser illumination at the tip-surface junction between approx 300-700 nm.                                                     
  3. Variable temperature between -500 C to + 1000 C.                                          
  4. 100 x 100 x 15 micron closed-loop scanner
  5. Sample size up to 3 x 10 cm approx.
  6. C-AFM with selectable amplifers allowing sensitivity of <1 pA at lowest range up to +/- 10 microAmp with correspondingly reduced sensitivity.
  7. Contact, semicontact, EFM, MFM and KPFM “top” mode and “top-I” mode capabilities.

XP Nanoindenter (Agilent)


  1. XP head for a load range up to 500 mN
  2. DCM head for a load range up to 15 mN
  3. Continuous stiffness (CSM) for continuous measurement of modulus and hardness with depth.
  4. NanovisionTM for nanoscale imaging of surfaces with the indenter tip before and after indenting
  5. Variety of diamond indenter tips: Berkovich, Vickers, flat punch, spherical, Knoop

Big G 12000 SPM (RHK)


a. This microscope is placed inside an electromagnet which can reach field of 1 Tesla. 

b. Scanning range 5 microns xy, 700 nm z

c. Current-AFM with separate low and high amplifier ranges

d. Two-pass techniques including EFM and SKPM