ELEXSIS E-500 (Bruker)

A CW EPR spectrometer operating at X-band (9.5GHz) and Q-band (35 GHz) frequencies, equipped with two resonators, one for RT with an optical window and one for liquid gas temperatures.

ELEXSIS E-580 (Bruker)

A new Pulse/CW EPR spectrometer operating at X-band (9.5GHz) and Q-band (35 GHz) frequencies. The new spectrometer offers new possibilities that were not available before such as CW ENDOR (electron-nuclear double resonance) at various temperatures, pulse EPR, Pulse ENDOR and ELDOR (electron-electron double resonance) capacities time resolved EPR for studying transient species such as photoexcited systems and much more

Continuum Surelite II + Panther OPO

A Nd:YAG pulse laser operating and 10 Hz with a harmonic options for 532 nm, 355 nm and 266 nm output as well as any wavelength in the range of 400-700 nm using the OPO. This allows us to carry out time resolved EPR measurements upon photoexcitation.

Benchtop Micro-ESR

The Benchtop Micro-ESR, Active Spectrum, operates at 9.5 GHz with a sweep range of 500 Gauss and sub-micromolar sensitivity and equipped with a fast automated tuning system which provide easy and fast measurements. Also included is an automatic temperature controller for working at temperatures ranges from -80c to +100c. It runs under full Windows 7 computer system with Ethernet and multiple USB ports. The new bench top spectrometer is very useful for measurements of reactive oxygen or nitrogen species, spin labeling, spin trapping, kinetics etc.