Bruker BioSpec 15.2 Tesla AVANCE III HD imaging spectrometer

Available equipment

  • Nitrogen-free Ultra Shielded and helium Refrigerated 15.2 T superconducting magnet
  • 2 RF channels
  • High Power Gradient Amplifier B-GA6S-100 extended to a full set of third order shims
  • 1H MRI CryoProbe 2 element array kit for mice
  • 35 mm Mouse Volume coil 1H
  • 23 mm Mouse Head Volume coil 1H 
  • 4 Channel Mouse Body Surface 2x2 Array coil, 1H TR, 35 mm
  • 23 mm 1H/19F Mouse Head Volume coil
  • 32 mm 1H/13C-23Na  Mouse Volume coil
  • 5 mm   1H/13C-23Na  TR Surface coil 
  • 10 mm 1H/13C-23Na  TR Surface coil
  • 10 mm 1H/31P  TR Surface coil
  • 20 mm 1H/19F  TR Surface coil 

A 11-cm horizontal bore diameter magnet

Bruker BioSpec 4.7 Tesla DBX imaging spectrometer

Available equipment

  • Actively shielded 4.7 T magnet (reduced stray field)
  • 2 RF channels
  • Scan gating using respiration or ECG signals
  • 2 interchangeable X, Y, Z gradient sets
    • i.d. = 20 cm, max gradient = 200 mT/m (shielded)
    • i.d. = 12 cm, max gradient = 400 mT/m (shielded)
  • Preemphasis unit for eddy current compensation
  • Multi-nuclear NMR capability: 1H, 10B, 13C, 19F, 31P
  • Modular software development: pulse programs, methods, macros
  • Commercially available volume RF surface coils
    • i.d. = 20 cm
    • i.d. = 10 cm.

A 30-cm horizontal bore diameter magnet

Bruker AVIII-400WB (wide-bore) spectrometer

Available probes

For spectroscopy, solution NMR studies:

a.  1H

b.   A 10 mm automatic QNP probe, computer switchable for 1H, 15N, 31P and 13C nuclei.

c.   A 10 mm automatic QNP probe, computer switchable for 1H, 19F and 31P  nuclei.

d.   A 8 mm triple-resonance (1H, 15N, 13C), inverse probe (TXI).

e.   A ‘boron-free’ probe for 10B and 11B spectroscopy


For solid-state NMR, MAS studies:

a.  A 1.3 mm DVT multinuclear double resonance 15N-31P/19F-1H probe (1.7 microL active volume, 67 kHz  spinning speed, VT range -30C to 70C)

b.  A 2.5 mm top-loading DVT multinuclear triple resonance X/Y/19F-1H (8 microL (14 fir thin-walled rotors) active volume, 35 kHz  spinning speed, VT range -50C to 80C)

c.  A 4 mm top-loading DVT multinuclear triple resonance  X/Y/19F-1H probe (50 microL active volume, 15 kHz  spinning speed, VT range -130C to 150C)


For imaging studies:

a.   A 5 mm microscopy probe that includes actively shielded gradients (up to 200 G/cm) with RF coils for 1H, 1H/13C, and 1H/31P.

b.   A mini-imaging probe with actively shielded gradients (up to 150 G/cm) that includes several 1H RF coils, with diameters between 4 and 30 mm.

A 3-channel NMR spectrometer equipped with a 3-channel gradient amplifier.