There are some important safety considerations with which one should be familiar before using an NMR spectrometer. These concern the use of (a) strong magnetic fields, and (b) cryogenic liquids.

  1. People with medical implants (such as cardiac implant pacemakers, aneurysm clips, surgical clips, or prostheses) should check with the NMR Facility Manager before entering the NMR room.
  2. All magnetic objects should be kept outside the NMR magnet room. This includes keys, wallets, mechanical watches, tools, etc. ASSUME THAT ANY PIECE OF METAL IS MAGNETIC UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.
  3. Keep electronics, credit cards, and magnetic storage media outside of the NMR magnet room.
  4. Use only non-magnetic tools inside the NMR magnet room.
  5. In case a metallic object strikes the magnet, contact the NMR Facility staff immediately. Do NOT attempt to pull the object off by yourself.
  6. In the event of a magnet quench (sudden and rapid boil-off of the magnet's cryogens (helium and nitrogen) that can be detected by visible (and/or audible) emission of cryogenic gas from the magnet), and the magnet's cryogens can vaporize displaced air and this can result in asphyxiation. If a quench occurs, immediately evacuate the NMR room!
  7. The animal facility at Wolf building is under the operation and supervision of the Department of Veterinary Resources.
  8. The use of experimental animals is in complete accordance with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)