General policies

  • Access to the lab is allowed only by authorized personal.
  • Users are allowed to reserve time and work only after passing training by their supervisors and by the X-ray lab personal.
  • No food or beverages near the diffractometers or workstations.
  • Please clean up the microscope desk and remove personal belonging at the end of the experiment. 
  • Do not change or align the equipment. If there is any problem call the X-ray staff.

Facility Schedule (maintenance)

There is no maintenance on regular schedule. Maintenance is done when needed. Shutdown time will be according to necessity.

A guide for new X-ray Users

Our Diffractometers are normally operated in two ways:

  1. By trained users
  2. As a service
  1. By trained users: Rigaku instruments are accessible to anyone who has been trained (Users Training) on their use by the X-ray lab staff and group supervisors, performing work for their own research groups. Each authorized-user account is given a special permission for scheduling time on the instruments.
  2. As a service: the X-ray lab staff, as well as for external users, does Small molecules structure determination.