A guide for new users

The X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory of the Weizmann Institute is both a service and a user facility. Training is available upon request in order to gain the skills required to independently perform measurements.

  • As a service, a new user should consult with the staff of the X-ray diffraction laboratory concerning the type of structural information that can be obtained for his/her particular sample, and also regarding how to prepare samples for XRD analysis.  The staff will perform the measurements and data analysis.
  • As a user-facility: All instruments are available for use by students/scientists who have been trained (Users Training) on that equipment by the X-ray laboratory staff.

General Policies

  • Access to the lab is allowed only to authorized personnel.
  • All diffractometers are operated with radiation safety enclosures.
  • Ambient radiation is monitored by the WIS safety unit and the Nahal Sorek laboratory.
  • All independent users must pass the WIS safety unit training course on general and radiation safety.
  • No food or beverages are permitted near the diffractometers or workstations.
  • Changing equipment alignment or lab workstation configuration is strictly forbidden. If any problems arise, the user must request help from the X-ray laboratory staff.
  • Upon completion of XRD measurements, samples must be removed from the sample holder and the sample preparation counter cleaned prior to the arrival of the next user.

Facility Schedule (maintenance)

Routine maintenance is performed as needed. Shutdown time will be scheduled when necessary, but whenever possible, users will be given advance notice.