Available Positions

We are seeking a PhD student for a paleoclimate/geochemistry research on characterizing and quantifying halite precipitation in the Dead Sea since the last deglaciation and the implications on Levant past climate

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The research includes lab work in geochemistry and global circulation models of past climate in collaboration with Yochanan Kushnir (LDEO, Columbia University.
For details, please contact
Moti Stein motis@mail.huji.ac.il, Boaz Lazar boaz.lazar@mail.huji.ac.il or
Yael Kiro yael.kiro@weizmann.ac.il

I am looking for a PhD student to work on an exciting project dealing with the geochemistry of coastal aquifers and their role in ocean chemistry

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The project may include many aspects such as developing geochemical methods for quantifying salt groundwater flow rates and fluxes, groundwater flow modeling, and working on different coastal aquifers around the world.
Please contact me for details.