2001 & 2002 sites

Bily Kriz, Czech Republic
Braschaat, Belgium
Collelongo, Italy
Evora, Portugal
Griffin, Scotland
Hainich, Germany
Hesse, France
Hyytiaia, Finland
Le Bray, France
Loobos, The Netherlands
Nonantola, Italy
Tharandt, Germany
Yatir, Israel

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     new 2002 sites

  Dooary, Ireland
  Lavarone, Italy
  Norunda, Sweden
  Sodankyla, N. Finland
  Soroe, Denmark

The data in this site are preliminary and unpublished, and are subject to revision. These data are provided to enable informal comparisons and analyses using the most up-to-date results. If using data from this site in a publication or presentation, the Weizmann lab and individual sites should be notified and acknowledged. Feedback from users may also help us to improve the quality of the data and presentation and is highly encouraged.