Functional MRI Analysis Specialist

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Functional MRI Analysis Specialist 24/10/2018
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The Azrieli National Center for Human Brain Imaging and Research at the Weizmann Institute is seeking employees for the position of analysis specialists.
The specialist is expected to assist research groups from the Weizmann Institute, and from all Imaging Center users from around the country, in the design, implementation, and analysis of human brain imaging studies.

please send resume to this e-mail address:


השכלה וכישורים נדרשים:
  • The candidate must have a PhD in either Neuroscience, or in a computational field such as Statistics with significant experience in analysis of temporally and spatially complex data sets.
  • Significant advantages are experience in analysing data from functional neuroimaging experiments, including fMRI, fMRS, DTI, etc.
  • Experience with software packages such as SPM, FSL, Brain Voyager, etc - is an advantage.
  • Programming skills in Matlab, Python, etc.- is a major advantage.
  • Published manuscripts using human functional brain imaging is also an advantage.