Ph.D. positions in Archaeological Science and Plant Sciences

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Ph.D. positions in Archaeological Science and Plant Sciences 20/11/2018
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I‘m looking for potential Ph.D. students (and/or master and/or rotation students) with a natural sciences background to join my new group at the WIS.

The research topics are divided between archaeological sciences and plant biology/material sciences. Within the archaeological science framework, we are looking into flint-based stone tools. We developed a unique workflow that uses a set of single cell -omic tools that aims to infer hominin migration patterns. We are also exploring the use of deep learning algorithms to unravel new questions from millions of archaeological artifacts. Within the plant sciences framework, we are exploring the incorporation of exogenous molecules into cotton fibers to provide the fibers with tailored properties (fluorescence, supermagnetic, superhydrophobic and antibacterial) towards the concept of material farming.

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.The students are required to have background/interest in some of the following disciplines: material sciences, geology, plant sciences, archaeology, paleoanthropology, computer sciences, metabolomics, molecular biology (knock-in and knock-down), DNA-RNA extraction, library preparation and RNA-Seq or bioinformatics