Research Associate

חזרה לדף הבית
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Research Associate 15/12/2020
המחלקה לביולוגיה מבנית
מספר משרה:
תחום משרה:
עובד/ת מעבדה
תיאור המשרה:

Develop software to efficiently analyses single-molecule tracking experiments performed with a TIRF-microscope.

Performing analyses using stochastic reaction network models

Operate and Optimize TIRF-microscope

Design and manufacture a bioreactor device using the nanofabrication facilities of the Weizmann institute

השכלה וכישורים נדרשים:

PhD in Physics/ Computer Science/ Physical Chemistry/ Material Sciences

Knowledge in optical microscopy, nanofabrication, or stochastic reaction systems

Programming skills in C++, R, Matlab, or Mathematica

Knowledge in nanofabrication, i.e., photolithography - mandatory

High level of Hebrew and English