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BioImage Analyst 22/07/2021
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The Cell Observatory imaging core facility is looking for a BioImage Analyst to expand its image analysis service. The successful candidate will work in a multi-disciplinary environment to support leading-edge life science research with advanced image analysis to visualize and quantify biological parameters from imaging data.

We are looking for a problem solver who is able to quickly grasp biological questions, translate them to image analysis terms and utilize wide range of software tools to perform robust analysis of the data.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Create automated image processing and analysis pipelines using a variety of open source and commercial software
  • Design and implement software tools for solving image analysis problems from multidimensional microscopy datasets
  • Integrate deep learning methods into image analysis workflows
  • Document and train scientists in the use of developed tools
  • Advice and train scientists on image analysis techniques, guide them to the suitable software solution through advisory service, workshops and practical courses
  • Manage image analysis software. Maintain, list and promote existing tools
  • Follow recent developments in the field, evaluate, adapt and introduce new software tools within the facility
השכלה וכישורים נדרשים:

MSc. degree in Computer Science, Physics, Biology or related field

  • Proven experience of applying and/or developing image analysis tools
  • Strong programming skills in Python, Matlab, Java or equivalent
  • Strong communication and social skills to interact with the team and users. Must be able to communicate complex concepts in a simple-to-understand manner
  • Good time-management skills and ability to focus on more than one project at a time
  • Good verbal and written English language skills


  • Experience with analysis of microscopy data using Fiji/ImageJ, CellProfiler, Ilastik, Napari, Imaris, Arivis, Huygens, Amira or similar software
  • Experience with machine learning and deep learning
  • Good understanding in Microscopy
  • Knowledge in biology