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Hardware Engineer 17/08/2021
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:Hardware Engineer

The Signal Acquisition, Modeling, Processing and Learning (SAMPL) - Lab at Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS), are looking for an experienced Hardware engineer to work on leading technology research projects in the area of Signal Processing, Radar and communication

We are looking for an experienced engineer with knowledge in RF system simulation tools and modeling, Matlab experience in definition and implementation of RF calibrations. Experience with systems using phased array antennas, especially experience in implementing spatial diversity or beamforming is an advantage

Candidates should have vast experience in Analog and Digital domains



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:Minimum Requirements

  • B.Sc. in Electrical engineering or equivalent with ~7 years of experience
  • Strong basis in Signal processing
  • Experience working with lab equipment (Spectrum, Scope, Electronic Loads)
  • Hands-on experience working in a lab environment with ability to analyze technical issues
  • Minimum of two years experience in board design (both analog, digital and RF), electrical testing and electrical debug - advantage
  • Experience in analog and/or power electronics designs (DC/DC topologies design, Analog circuits design, noise and signal integrity concerns)
  • Developing RX/TX chains, filter design, mixers, synthesizers, digital modulations
  • Ability to read mechanical and electrical drawings, schematics and choosing components
  • Ability to work with the RF layout designer
  • Ability to bring-up RF cards
  • Team player with an ability to function independently with minimal supervision, good interpersonal and communication skills.Self motivated personality
  • High skills in English, speaking and writing