A technological guru for an “AI research colony”

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A technological guru for an “AI research colony” 04/05/2022  
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A technological guru for an “AI research colony” position
.The Weizmann Institute is searching for a technological leader to develop and run a unique program aiming at bringing innovative AI to diverse scientific challenges. The individual we are looking for would be a natural technological leader that will help build and guide a new team of brilliant Weizmann AI fellows
The fellows will be hired as independent technologists with mixed non-academic backgrounds to interact with the excellence-based scientific community at Weizmann to identify and develop high-risk interdisciplinary and disruptive projects
  • The guru will nurture and mentor this unique group of fellows, and guide their projects in collaboration with Weizmann scientists. The goal is to bring about unexpected scientific and technological innovation in diverse fields, including physics, chemistry, materials, environmental sciences, and biology
The fellows program headed by the Guru will thus contribute to and benefit from the flow of ideas between industry, computer science, and brain sciences
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What are we expecting:

  •  A technological leader with experience in AI/ML applications
  •  Background in science: not mandatory
  •  Experience in leading a technological team
  •  Curiosity, broad-mindedness – essential
  •  Excellent interpersonal skills: recruitment, mentoring
  •  Leadership and desire for good-doing

What are we offering:

  • Build a “colony” of around 12 rotating fantastic individual talents
  •  Constant interaction with brilliant scientists
  • Ample opportunities for innovation and significant impact on major discoveries
  •  Minimal administrative, fundraising commitment