Head of Research and Academic Administration

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Head of Research and Academic Administration 02/06/2022
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תיאור המשרה:

Overall responsibility for the management and implementation of academic procedures at the Institute, including

  •  Managing the Academic Affairs Office – managing and training Office staff; building budgets and overseeing their use; improving and streamlining the Office’s work processes and quality of service; ongoing work with the Institute’s management and PIs; handling and managing the affairs of senior academic staff; handling the process of submitting nominations for awards and scholarships
  •  Providing assistance to the Chairpersons of the Council of Professors and Scientific Council, including with the management of the Appointments and Promotions Committee’s meetings
  •  Accompanying the Board of Directors, Appointments and Promotions Committee
  •  Assisting the President and Vice President, including in leading committees, managing annual evaluation processes, and consulting on various issues

Assisting the deans in the management of faculty appointment and promotions committees

  •  Responsibility for the implementation of, and assisting with the drafting of academic procedures
  • Partnership in managing crises and conflicts in the academic realm
  • Working vis-à-vis government agencies
  • Preparing reports and mining data, including processing and analysis, at the request of authorized entities
  •  Consulting and cooperating with all of the Institute’s administrative entities
השכלה וכישורים נדרשים:
  • Master's degree – required (PhD in a scientific field – an advantage)
  • Procedure writing experience
  • Experience in staff management, including training, guidance, supervision, and monitoring staff assignments
  • Proficiency in working with databases
  • Fluency in Hebrew and English, written and oral
  • Excellent communication skills, eloquent writing abilities
  • Ability to conduct precise and in-depth analysis of situations and issues
  • Dedication, loyalty, reliability
  • High levels of interpersonal communications skills and service orientation
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks
  • Willingness to work beyond normal work hours, as needed