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Staff Scientist 05/09/2022
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The Signal Acquisition Modeling Processing and Learning (SAMPL) Lab, headed by Prof. Yonina Eldar at the Weizmann Institute of Science, is looking for a Staff Scientist in the areas of signal processing, data acquisition, communications and radar in order to manage and conduct pioneering research together with the lab, and to provide technological and scientific support

The SAMPL Lab focuses on developing new technologies that more efficiently extract and process signals and information across a wide range of tasks, including medical imaging, radar, communication, scientific and optical imaging and biological inference. The lab also develops model-based methods for artificial intelligence that aid in obtaining increased information using minimal resources

השכלה וכישורים נדרשים:

Candidates must have a PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or a related field and have managerial and technological experience. In addition, the candidate should have a proven scientific track record, enjoy a scientific challenge and possess a drive to be both a leader and a member of a dynamic team.

Responsibilities include managing and conducting pioneering research, mentoring students, assisting in the writing of grants and manuscripts and providing technological and scientific support.

More details on SAMPL lab and its activities can be found at

More details on the Staff Scientist Position at Weizmann can be found at

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