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Tenure track staff scientist 14/09/2022
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Wanted: tenure track staff scientist for the Tanay lab, Weizmann Institute

The opportunity – looking for a biologist to join our group as our new staff scientist and experimental lab lead!. Candidates will typically be after a postdoc, or in special cases candidates finishing their PhD (to start as a postdoc and convert into the staff scientist according to Weizmann regulations)

This is a unique position, with opportunities for initiating, managing and leading world class research, in close interaction with an interdisciplinary group and our many collaborators in Weizmann and worldwide

Send your CV and contact amos.tanay@weizmann.ac.il for details

?Who are we

Our group is pioneering new, quantitative and innovative approaches to understand how cells determine and maintain their state

A main focus in the lab are models of cell fate acquisition during early embryonic decisions, working toward deeply characterized synthetic models of embryos and perturbation of their epigenetics, gene regulation and signaling

The group is also deeply interested in hematopoiesis and its deterioration during ageing and in cancer cell dynamics

We are international leaders in single cell approaches, epigenetics and computational models for gene regulation and dynamics. We are also great believers in true integration of experimental and computational methodologies for understanding classical biological questions. What we are looking for is a leader and long-term partner in chasing these challenges and ideals together – it is the right time to join!