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Image Processing Developer 22/11/2022  
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We are looking for an experienced person with a background in astronomy and signal processing or
image analysis, to join the ULTRASAT image reduction development team at the Weizmann Institute.
ULTRASAT is a scientific Space Mission that will be launched in 2024,
carrying a telescope with an unprecedentedly large field of view.
It will conduct the first wide-field survey of transient and variable ultraviolet sky and will revolutionize
our understanding of the hot transient universe.

See: Qualifications

השכלה וכישורים נדרשים:

- Experience in coding and development of non-trivial algorithms
- Background in astronomy/physics is an advantage
- 5+ years of experience in software development
- Knowledge in C/C++ is an advantage
- Experience with object oriented programming, MATLAB and/or Python
- Background in mathematics and strong problem solving and analysis skills
- A “hands-on” attitude with a passion to drive both individual and team success
- High self-learning ability
- Full / partial job