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Staff Scientist Position for Cryo 22/01/2023
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.A staff scientist position is available at the Electron Microscopy Unit of the Weizmann Institute of Science

The EM Unit is a large facility serving all science groups at the Weizmann Institute for all applications and methods in electron microscopy, correlative light microscopy, and CT ( There are 10 PhD-level staff scientists, each with expertise in specific fields and techniques. Our equipment includes TFS Titan Krios, Talos Arctica, Titan Themis, Talos F200X and Tecnai F20 and T12 TEM microscopes, two dual beam FIB instruments including a Zeiss Crossbeam for cryo-lamella production, and cryo-FIB-SEM blockface imaging, and correlative light microscopy and MicroCT instrumentation

Please send your CV and enquiries to Nadav Elad and Sharon Wolf ( and

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We are currently seeking a PhD-level staff scientist who will specialize in cryo-EM applications including single-particle (SPA) applications, cryo-tomography, and general cryo-TEM imaging. The position involves providing support and training, participating in collaborative research projects, developing protocols and maintaining cutting-edge capabilities and workflows

The applicant should have a PhD in a relevant field, preferably with postdoctoral experience. The position is on tenure-track with benefits and travel fun