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AI Fellows 13/08/2023
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The AI Hub for Scientific Discovery is looking for AI Fellows. 
We are seeking both fresh and experienced talent to join the Hub and develop innovative tools and solutions in Health, Environment, Basic Science and Core #MachineLearning research
Candidates are required to have at least three years of non-academic experience in the field and are expected to dedicate at least 80% of their time to Hub-related work.
These positions are aimed at a new generation of #AI Researchers and Data Scientists, as well as experts looking for novel, unexplored challenges, and have a duration of up to 3 years.
Fellows will have the freedom to explore new research directions of their choice, combining hands-on experience in innovation and experimentation, together with rich collaborative opportunities within the diverse scientific environment and expert groups at the Weizmann Institute. 
Come and join us in bringing together AI, Data and Basic Science at the Weizmann Institute.

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To apply, send us your CV and a short covering letter about the type of science-industry synergy you find exciting:

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