9th Field-Cycling NMR conference, Aberdeen, 27-30 July 2015

The 9th Conference on Fast Field-Cycling NMR Relaxometry will be held at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, from Monday 27th to Thursday 30th July, 2015.

This is the biennial Field-Cycling NMR conference, previously held in Berlin (1998) and then every two years in Torino until 2013. So it is the first move for the conference since 2001!

The conference covers all aspects of Fast Field-Cycling magnetic resonance, including theory, hardware, techniques, applications, relaxometry, imaging, as well as ultra-low field methods. Full details of the conference can be found at http://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/ffc-2015/

The deadline for receipt of abstracts is 8th May – just one week away! Please be sure to submit your abstract(s) on time, following the instructions on the conference web site.

Registration and accommodation booking and abstract submission are also open, on the web site.

Key dates:

    Abstract submission deadline:            8th May
    Registration deadline:                         12th June
    Accommodation deadline:                  30th June

Low-price on-site accommodation in en-suite rooms is available, via the conference web site. Participants are advised to book accommodation early in order to be sure of securing a room.

Please note that, due to the prevalence of the local oil industry, hotel rooms in Aberdeen are scarce, and they are much more expensive than the on-site rooms.

The conference will be held in the state-of-the-art King’s Conference Centre, at the historic heart of the University of Aberdeen’s main campus. It will be hosted by the FFC-MRI research group.

Stephan Grzesiek (Biozentrum Basel)
Michael Nilges (Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Michael Sattler (TU München, Helmholtz Zentrum München)

Lecturers & Instructors

Sam Asami - BNMRZ, TU München, Germany

Martin Blackledge - IBS Grenoble, France

Sonja Dames - BNMRZ, TUM & Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

Frank Delaglio - Agilent, USA

Isabella Felli - CERM, Florence, Italy

Gerd Gemmecker - BNMRZ, TU München, Germany

Christian Griesinger - MPI Göttingen, Germany

Stephan Grzesiek - Biozentrum Basel, Switzerland

Peter Güntert - U Frankfurt, Germany

Judith Habazettl - Biozentrum Basel, Switzerland

Henry Jonker - U Frankfurt, Germany

Tobias Madl - BNMRZ, TUM & Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

Therese Malliavin - Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Helen Mott - U Cambridge, UK

Daniel Nietlispach - U Cambridge, UK

Michael Nilges - Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Katja Petzold - Karolinska, Stockholm, Sweden

Bernd Reif - BNMRZ, TUM & Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

Roland Riek - ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Michael Sattler - BNMRZ, TUM & Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

Bernd Simon - EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Nico Tjandra - NIH, Bethesda, USA

Geerten Vuister - U Leicester, UK

Lisa Warner - NREL, Golden, USA

Monday, July 27, 2015 to Thursday, July 30, 2015
Aberdeen, Scotland