ISMAR JMR letter

Dear ISMAR members,

I am happy to announce that ISMAR has established an affiliation with the Journal of Magnetic Resonance (JMR), making it the formal journal of the society. This affiliation has been approved by the ISMAR Executive Committee and the ISMAR Council. Such an affiliation will benefit both ISMAR and JMR as there is a large overlap between the scientific scopes of ISMAR and JMR; both cover all topics of magnetic resonance. This will increase the visibility of ISMAR and JMR, and as such will contribute in general to the field of magnetic resonance and its community.

Below I summarize the agreement between the publisher and ISMAR; you can see how both ISMAR and JMR will benefit from this association.

The Publisher will:

· Highlight the affiliation between ISMAR and JMR. It will announce JMR as the primary journal of ISMAR and display the ISMAR logo on the JMR journal homepage.

· Provide ISMAR full page display advertisement in available issues of JMR (March, April, May, June of years with an ISMAR conference).

· In years without the main ISMAR conference, JMR will make available upon request by ISMAR two full page advertisements for ISMAR-associated events. A hyperlinked banner on the journal homepage and the Science Direct page of JMR leading to the ISMAR conference website (March, April, May, June in years with the main ISMAR conference).

· In years without the main ISMAR conference, advertise ISMAR-associated conferences for a duration of two months per year.

· Publish the ISMAR, Abragam Prize lectures and the Callaghan Lecture in the JMR in the form of a review, perspective article or original research paper. This would be contingent on the agreement of the prize winners to provide and publish such an article in JMR and on these submissions undergoing the regular editorial process, including peer review.

· Sponsor six “JMR-ISMAR Young Scientist Awards” during the main ISMAR conference. Two of these travel awards will be provided for ISMAR-sponsored meetings in years with no main ISMAR meeting. A total of 8 awards will be sponsored every 2 years.

ISMAR will:

· Use its best efforts to promote the JMR to the members of ISMAR and to the relevant scientific discipline.

· Will announce JMR as the primary journal of ISMAR on its web site and in an email to its members, and will display the JMR journal cover on the ISMAR website with a link leading to the JMR Science Direct website.

· Announce new special issues of JMR in the News section of the ISMAR website.

· Announce the “JMR-ISMAR Young Scientist Awards” winners on the ISMAR website.

· Allow JMR one free insert in conference delegate bags at main ISMAR conferences.

· Allow for one free registration for an Elsevier representative at main ISMAR conferences.

· Acknowledge support from JMR at the ISMAR meeting.

I would like to use this this opportunity and remind you that ISMAR offers sponsorship for conferences, workshops, schools in all fields of Magnetic Resonance with emphasis on rapidly growing MR communities and fostering young scientists. Please see this link for details.

Best regards,

Daniella Goldfarb
President, ISMAR