Sir Peter Mansfield passed away

ISMAR is mourning the passing away of Sir Peter Mansfield,

Call for Nominations for the Anatole Abragam Prize for Young Investigators

Anatole Abragam made seminal contributions to both NMR and EPR and was a recipient of the ISMAR Prize and a Fellow of ISMAR. In addition to his superb scientific contributions, fostering people in science was clearly close to his heart.

New ISMAR Fellows (2016)

It is our pleasure to announce that four new Fellows were elected in 2016 by the Fellows of ISMAR. The new Fellows are:

Drs. Mei Hong (USA), R.V. Hosur (India), Gerhard Wider (Switzerland), Joerg Wrachtrup (Germany)

ISMAR 2017 registration open

The ISMAR 2017 registration is now open. Please visit the link to register and submit your abstract.

Erwin Hahn, a Fellow of ISMAR passed away

Erwin Hahn, our mentor and dear friend, passed away yesterday. We have lost a giant and our world will never be the same. On behalf of our community we send condolences and love to his wife Natalie and family. 
Alex Pines and Matt Augustine
Berkeley, September 21, 2016

ISMAR is mourning the loss Erwin Hahn, a great physicist  and one of the founding fathers of Magnetic Resonance.

Erwin L. Hahn, Scientist, Mentor, Friend, Alex Pines,  Journal of Magnetic Resonance 179 (2006) 5–7

Call for Nominations for ISMAR Fellows - 2016

In accord with the ISMAR Constitution, the Fellows Committee (Lyndon Emsley, Angela Gronenborn, Wolfgang Lubitz, Gil Navon, Warren S. Warren (Chair)) solicits nominations for new fellows. The privilege of making a nomination is accorded to all regular members and Fellows.

Call to Host the 22nd ISMAR Conference 2021

ISMAR’s main conference now runs biennially. ISMAR has a tradition of rotating its conferences across the globe. After Taiwan 2007, Italy 2010, Brazil 2013, China 2015, Canada 2017, Germany 2019 , the natural cycle will preferably return us to Asia or the Pacific region in 2021.

Based on the experience of previous meetings the following points should be acknowledged:

•             A Local Organizational Committee with a Chair and one or two Co-Chairs, preferably from different institutions, a Treasurer and a Secretary should be appointed with ISMAR’s approval.


This year an amount of $100,000 will be presented in the field of Chemistry/Magnetic Resonance including NMR, EPR, MRI, MRS. Deadline for nomination July 1st, 2016.

ISMAR - JMR affiliation

ISMAR has established an affiliation with the Journal of Magnetic Resonance (JMR)

Myer Bloom, a Fellow of ISMAR, passed away

It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of our colleague, Myer Bloom.  After a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, Myer passed away peacefully on Tuesday morning, February 9. The day before, he was able to enjoy an outing at the Van Dusen Gardens with his friends Christina Kaiser and Walter Hardy.

New ISMAR Fellows (2015)

It is our pleasure to announce that four new Fellows were elected in 2015 by the Fellows of ISMAR. The new Fellows are:

Drs. Tim Cross (USA), Claudio Luchinat (Italy), Gottfried Otting (Australia), Peter van Zijl (USA)

Australia Day Hounor to Professor Philip KUCHEL

Australia Day Hounor to Professor Philip KUCHEL: For significant service to science in the field of biochemistry, as an academic, author and researcher, and to professional organisations.
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ISMAR 2015 lectures

For member only: view lectures (only the presentation) of the ISMAR prize and Abragam prize winners and some of the plenary lectures of ISMAR 2015. Please go to the Past ISMAR Conferences link:

Revisions to ISMAR constitution have been approved

The new ISMAR Constitution is available at this link:

Endel Lippmaa passed away

It is with sadness that I inform you of the passing of the well-known and highly regarded Estonian scientist Dr. Endel Lippmaa.  Endel was a pioneer of solid-state NMR spectroscopy, and NMR in general, during the 70’s and 80’s. Many may not have known of all of his contributions, as he lived and worked in the small country of Estonia, one of the Baltic countries. Despite repression during the USSR period, he traveled and collaborated with numerous western laboratories, including the IBM Almaden labs in California and visits to Alex Pines’ lab at UC Berkeley.

Ionel Solomon passed away

Our colleague Ionel Solomon left us on June 29, 2015, after a long and fruitful career of physicist extending from 1953, at age 24 to the very end of his life, at age 86.

After completing his studies at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, he joined the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique in 1953, where he came to work with Anatole Abragam, and co-founded with him the celebrated «  Laboratoire de Résonance Magnétique » at Saclay, which he left in 1962 for becoming professor at Ecole Polytechnique and founding the Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics.

Winner of the Anatole Abragam Prize for a Young Investigator - 2015

Dr. Józef Lewandowski receives the award for:
"For his outstanding accomplishments to date and his promise in the development of solid-state NMR methodology and its application to the study of biomolecular structure and dynamics”

Winners of ISMAR Prize 2015

Hans Wolfgang Spiess receives the award for:

"For pioneering contributions to solid state NMR; in particular for techniques that elucidate motion in solids by means of two-dimensional NMR, and for applications of solid state NMR to the structure and dynamics of polymers”

Shimon Vega receives the award for:

Call for Nominations for the Anatole Abragam Prize for Young Investigators

Nomination for the Anatole Abragam prize  2015 - deadline  March 31, 2015. Submit nominations by e‐mail to the Secretary General,

Nominations should include the following documents:
• Nomination letter
• Seconding letter(s)
• Curriculum vitae
• List of publications and presentations at conferences

New ISMAR Fellows

It is our pleasure to announce that four new Fellows were elected in 2014 by the Fellows of ISMAR. The new Fellows are:

Drs. Yoji Arata (Japan), Lucia Banci (Italy), Philip Kuchel (Australia) and Kev M. Salikhov (Russia).

Open letter to Agilent

November 19, 2014

Patrick Kaltenbach, VP and General Manager, Life Science Products and Solutions
Agilent Technologies
5301 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA  95051

Cc: Bill Sullivan, CEO; Mike McCullen, CEO-Elect; Darlene Solomon, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Kaltenbach, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. McCullen, and Ms. Solomon:

Agilent Exits NMR Business

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced it is exiting its Nuclear Magnetic Resonance business. Agilent entered the NMR business in 2010, with the acquisition of Varian. Agilent will stop taking new NMR system orders immediately, but the company will continue to meet customer commitments for orders in progress and for ongoing support contracts. Agilent will continue to provide service on all installed NMR systems.

More on this news can be found here:

Harden Marsden McConnell passed away

Harden Marsden McConnell passed away October 8, 2014, at age 87. He was a faculty member at CalTech (1956-64) and at Stanford (1964-2000) and chaired the Stanford Chemistry Department (1989-1992).

John Waugh passed away

John Waugh passed away on Friday, August 22, 2014. John made seminal contributions to magnetic resonance and was an active member of ISMAR. He received the ISMAR Prize in 1989, he was an elected Fellow of ISMAR and served as President of ISMAR from 1999 - 2001. An obituary can be found at: