36 month PhD position in structural chemistry and biology in South Paris

The departments of Analytical Sciences and of predevelopment Sciences of Sanofi R&D (LGCR AnSci & PDB Vitry-sur-Seine, France) and the ICSN (Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles - CNRS) (1) are seeking a PhD student in the field of structural chemistry and biology.  The proposed PhD research project will focus on the characterization of therapeutic peptides in lipid formulation by structural and calorimetric techniques (NMR, DLS, CD, ITC, …). More precisely, the objective of this thesis will be to investigate peptide-liposome association in terms of physicochemical properties in order to provide clues to enhance drug delivery. NMR will be used as a main tool to characterize and follow peptide delivery and to investigate peptide-liposome association. The PhD student will have a 3-year contract with Sanofi (in the context of a "Convention CIFRE"), with gross salary > 40 k€ per year (2).

Candidates should have a strong background in physical chemistry, chemistry, spectroscopies and/or structural biochemistry. S/he should be highly motivated to learn and apply a selection of biophysical techniques to understand peptide-membrane interactions and to work in a highly interdisciplinary academic environment in close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.

Work environment and conditions:

The PhD student will work most of the time in the Structural chemistry and biology laboratory (3) at the ICSN for the set-up, the acquisition and the interpretation of the NMR studies. The laboratory is located on the Gif-sur-Yvette campus, 20 km south of Paris. It is accessible from Paris by bus and RER. The team benefits from a lively scientific environment provided by the University Paris-Saclay and from top quality technical facilities for chemical analysis, biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology, including world-class NMR equipment up to 950 MHz. Frequent visits and short stays at Sanofi R&D (Vitry-sur-Seine, France) will be scheduled for sample preparation and for discussions.

Useful links

(1)  ICSN : http://www.icsn.cnrs-gif.fr/

(2)  CIFRE fellowship: http://www.anrt.asso.fr/fr/espace_cifre/pdf/plaquette_cifre_en.pdf

(3)  The structural chemistry and biology team:http://www.icsn.cnrs-gif.fr/guittet

Please submit (i) a cover letter, including a brief but detailed statement of interest, (ii) a full curriculum vitae and (ii) two letters or contact information for references

to christina.sizun@cnrs.fr,  Ewen.lescop@cnrs.fr and  Serge.sable@sanofi.com,Frederic.Herman@sanofi.comjean-pierre.Burnouf@sanofi.com,Oriane.frances@sanofi.com

Christina Sizun, PhD, Research Scientist (ICSN, Structural chemistry and biology laboratory), 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, FRANCE

Ewen Lescop, PhD, Research Scientist (ICSN, Structural chemistry and biology laboratory), 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, FRANCE

Serge Sablé, Head of Structural and Physical Chemistry/AnSci/LGCR/ Sanofi R&D,  94403 Vitry sur Seine FRANCE

Frédéric Herman, PhD, Head of NMR Laboratory/SPC1/AnSci/LGCR/ Sanofi R&D,  94403 Vitry sur Seine FRANCE