6 months M2 internship to study water flow in plants by in-situ low-field NMR

​Climatic changes lead to a significant increase of the hydric stress periods for plants (both grasslands and trees). This lack of water supply can have important consequences on the ecosystem with, for example, a decrease of the quantity and/or quality of the plant production. Nutrients are transported in the plant through the soap flow. It is especially this flow which is altered during hydric stress period.

Low-field NMR is the ideal analytical tool to measure in-situ and non-invasively flow inside plants. The aim of this internship is to perform this proof of concept by using custom-designed low-field NMR spectrometer. The student will be in charge of (i) characterizing the equipment specificities in term of flow measurement, (ii) developing analytical tools to analyze NMR signal and (ii) measuring flow in plants under different hydric stress conditions.

This internship is part of a project aiming to highlight the advantages of low-field NMR to study plant resilience. It will be performed inAgroResonance platform from INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) located near Clermont-Ferrand, in the center of France. The student will be part of a multi-disciplinary team and will collaborate with agroecologist scientists. The internship salary will be around 550€ tax-free. INRA being a national research center, applicants can apply to dedicated grants like the Erasmus program for Europeans.

Applications should be sent to:

Dr Guilhem Pagès                  guilhem.pages@inra.fr

Dr Amidou Traoré                 amidou.traore@inra.fr

Dr Jean-Marie Bonny             jean-marie.bonny@inra.fr