Computational NMR: de novo Protein Design Using NMR Data

Postdoctoral Position: Computational NMR: Protein Structure Modeling for de novo Protein Design Using NMR Data

A Postdoctoral position is open in the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Science (CIBS) at Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute, in Rensselaer New York.

This research project involves protein structure determination by solution NMR methods, and development of improved computational methods for de novo design of protein structures using Rosetta, guided by NMR data.

The successful candidate will participate in projects combining NMR, SAXS, and other experimental data to produce structural models of proteins. They would be trained in NMR data collection and analysis, and in studies of structure determination of conformational ensembles, in the laboratory of Prof. Gaetano Montelione. The successful candidate will also be trained in aspects of de novo protein structure design in the laboratory of Prof. David Baker at the University of Washington, Seattle.

The successful candidate will work jointly with the Baker and Montelione groups to advance methods for molecular modeling and their validation using NMR data, and in applying structural biology, protein design, and bioinformatics methods to advance our abilities to rapidly characterize the structures and multiple conformational states of proteins. Specific goals include determining 3D structures and dynamics of proteins from NMR data, structural analysis of protein-ligand complexes. and structural analysis of proteins produced using de novo design methods.

Interested candidates should forward a c.v. and names and contact information for three potential references to:

Prof. Gaetano Montelione email:


Prof. David Baker email: