Engineer Position NMR - INSERM U1204 Evry University

NMR spectroscopist - Ligand membrane interaction

A two year Contract-Position is open on Oct 1, 2015
Job type:   Engineer
Qualifications:  Postgraduate - Doctorate/PhD
Employment type: Contract
Job hours:  Full-time

The job is connected to an industrial project and the work is meant to be delivered within two years.

The research deals with NMR investigations of the structure and interaction of small hydrophobic ligands with membrane-like systems, such as micelles and bicelles and with peptides from membrane proteins. The peptides are solubilized in micelles or inserted in bicelles. The job includes the steps described below.

A.- Solution NMR structures of ligands in various solvent including perdeuterated micelles as DPC, SDS, DHPC and other micelles. The micelles will be used to analyze by NMR the interaction of the ligands with various lipids to search for specific ligand-lipid interaction.
Skills required: 1D-, 2D-NMR (Bruker 600 MHz with cryoprobe); preparation of micelles (pure or mixed with lipids); set up of exp conditions for NMR work with micelles; interpretation of NMR data.

B.- Structure determination of 13C, 15N labelled peptides in micelle. Investigation of ligand-peptide interaction in pure micelles and micelles mixed with defined lipids chosen among the most specifics determined in part A.
Skills required: all heteronuclear 3D-NMR experiments for 3D protein structure determination (e.g. with CNS) from NMR data; preparation of peptide in micelle; set up of exp conditions for NMR; optimization to investigate ligand-protein/ligand-lipid-protein interaction.

C.- Preparation of small bicelles. Effects of the selected ligands on the stability of bicelles. Effects of insertion of lipid (alternatively cholesterol) on stability of bicelles.
Skills required: preparation of small bicelles; analysis of bilayer stability; NMR of bicelles.

D.- Determination of 3D structure of peptide fragment(s) in bicelles. Influence of selected ligands on peptide structure. Possible role of lipid and/or cholesterol.
Skills required: sample preparation of peptides in bicelles for NMR ; set up of exp conditions for peptide structural studies in bicelles; search of best conditions for protein-ligand interaction in bicelles.