Funded PhD position in Paris on ferromagnetic NMR

The Soft Matter Science and Engineering laboratory at ESPCI Paris is calling for applications to a PhD position on ferromagnetic NMR in materials for catalysis and batteries.

More details can be found at

This PhD is part of a European project COFUND. The call for candidacy is very short and closes February 28, 2018.

Applicants should not have previously studied more than a year in France.

Other eligibility requirements can be found at

Interested applicants should contact : Jean-Baptiste d'Espinose (


Recent publications on this topic from our group:

Andreev, A. S. et al. Internal field 59 Co NMR study of cobalt-iron nanoparticles during the activation of CoFe2/CaO catalyst for carbon nanotube synthesis. Journal of Catalysis 358, 62–70 (2018).

Andreev, A. S. et al. Magnetic and dielectric properties of carbon nanotubes with embedded cobalt nanoparticles. Carbon 114, 39–49 (2017).

Andreev, A. S., d’Espinose de Lacaillerie, J.-B., Lapina, O. B. & Gerashenko, A. Thermal stability and hcp–fcc allotropic transformation in supported Co metal catalysts probed near operando by ferromagnetic NMR. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 17, 14598–14604 (2015).