NMR postdoc

Professor Mike Williamson (http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/mbb/staff/mikewilliamson) seeks a senior postdoctoral research scientist to conduct NMR studies of proteins, supervise students, help in running the research group, and develop independent research projects. The postdoc will do much of the day-to-day running and supervision of the group, because Prof Williamson’s role as Head of Department takes him away from the lab for much of the day. The postholder will have regular meetings with Prof Williamson, to ensure that ongoing projects and students are maintained and seen through to completion. The projects cover a wide range of biomolecular NMR, and the postholder will therefore gain wide experience, and will take part in an unusually broad range of experimental approaches. Ongoing work includes experimental measures of hydrogen bonding, improved methods of chemical shift mapping, uses of high pressure NMR, and expression and NMR study of a range of novel proteins including a signaling protein, a kinase, and cell wall binding proteins: see his website https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/mbb/staff/mikewilliamson/mikewilliamson for details. The ideal candidate will have experience of protein NMR, protein expression and purification, and some experience of computational study. The postholder will be encouraged to develop independent research: the post is therefore suitable for applicants hoping to develop a career in this field. The post is available for 3 years in the first instance.

For further information contact m.williamson@sheffield.ac.uk, or go to www.sheffield.ac.uk/jobs and search under NMR to apply by Jan 15 2018.