Ph.D. and post-doc positions in liquid-state NMR methodology - Paris-Saclay

A Ph.D. position and a 1-year post-doctoral position are available at the Institute for Natural Product Research (ICSN) in the Paris-Saclay area. The project concerns the development of fast solution-state NMR experiments based on spatial encoding, with applications to reaction monitoring and hyperpolarisation.

Solution-state NMR spectroscopy is a powerful tool for the analysis of mixtures of small molecules. For samples that evolve in time, however, the vast array of information-rich, multidimensional (ND) NMR experiments is not applicable in its conventional form. Spatial encoding makes it possible to accelerate ND NMR dramatically. In this project, fast NMR methods will be developed, that are optimised for the real-time monitoring of mixtures. The focus will be on approaches for spectral simplification and separation, including diffusion-ordered spectroscopy (DOSY) and multiple-quantum NMR. Experiments will also be implemented on a flow setup for online monitoring. The main application of the proposed methods will be mechanistic studies of organocatalysed reactions, through a collaboration with the group of Géraldine
Masson at the ICSN.

The post-doc candidate should have a Ph.D. in physics or chemistry and experience in NMR spectroscopy. Experience in MRI or MRI-inspired methodology would be appreciated. The Ph.D. candidate should have a background in chemistry (preferentially analytical or physical) or physics, and a strong interest in both fundamental and applied aspects of magnetic resonance.

The ICSN is located in Gif-sur-Yvette, 25 km south-west of Paris. It is part of a CNRS research campus and of Paris-Saclay University. The ICSN hosts a leading French NMR laboratory. It is part of the French network for high-field NMR and hosts a 950 MHz magnet, in addition to 5 magnets in the 600-800 MHz range.

Please send applications including CV cover letter and the name of two referees to Dr. Jean-Nicolas Dumez (

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