PhD at IRSTEA, Rennes, France

PhD in time-domain NMR at IRSTEA in Rennes

Title : Transformation and transfers of matters during the baking and staling of BREAD, understanding mechanisms in GLUTEN-FREE recipes (TETAPAIN)


Gluten-free products represent a large market but without a consensus on its acceptability. In effect, gluten-free bread answers the request of sick consumers (coeliac disease) and other healthy consumers (20% of the global population) but its crumb texture and composition (many ingredients including additives and fat) is often questionable. The TETAPAIN project deals with the understanding of molecular mechanisms that govern the crumb structure of gluten-free bread and take place during the bread baking, its cooling and storage. The main objective is to link these mechanisms to the mechanical destabilization of cell walls producing different crumb textures (coarse versus fine structures).

The experimental approach will be based on quantitative measures at low field NMR. The originality of these measures will reside on the dynamic approach, in real-time during baking and the use of mixtures of flour at low water content. We will focus on two-dimensional D-T2 and T1-T2 methods developed at the laboratory. A part of the thesis will be also devoted to assessment of the interest of measures using NMR coupled to rheology (Rheo-NMR). In addition, various traditional methods of characterization of cereal products will be used (DSC, DRX, RVA, Swelling factor).

Location : Irstea, UR OPAALE, équipe IRMFood, 17 avenue de Cucillé, 35044 Rennes. Ecole doctorale EGAAL, UBL

The successful candidate will work within the MRIFood team (IRMFood), whose main aim is to study the structures and improve the quality of agricultural and agribusiness products and help the industry to adopt sustainable processes. The team is developing particular metrological expertise in the use of dynamic NMR imagery and spectroscopy to investigate products in the course of transformation. The team is certified to ISO9001 and forms part the offer provided by the Imaging and Structural and Metabolic Spectroscopy Platform (PRISM), which carries the coveted IBISA label.


Supervision: Corinne Rondeau-Mouro HDR, Tiphaine Lucas HDR

Team partner: David Grenier


Qualifications, knowledge and skills:

Applicants must have fully completed a Masters by research (or equivalent) in Engineering Sciences, Analytical Chemistry, Physicochemistry, or Biochemistry

They must have a good knowledge of analytical methods and physical measurements, preferably in NMR and/or MRI.

Knowledge in the fields of Food Sciences and Biochemistry and in signal processing are desirable. The candidate must also have the following skills:

  • Excellent understanding of experimental approaches
  • Proven ability in the writing of reports, presentations and, if possible, scientific articles
  • Very good command of English


Thesis Starting Date: October 2019


Remuneration: € 1874.41 gross/month



Applications (CV, Covering Letter setting out reasons for applying accompanied by one or, ideally, two supporting letter(s)) should be submitted 17, April 2019 to:


Corinne Rondeau-Mouro

Tel: + 33 2 23 48 21 43

Irstea - Unité de Recherche OPAALE, équipe IRMFood, 17 avenue de Cucillé, CS 64427, 35044 Rennes Cedex, France