PhD position at the University of Southampton UK

We are looking for a motivated student interested in doing a 3-years PhD Studentship in Chemistry (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) in the research group of Dr Giuseppe Pileio (see

During this PhD, you will work on the development of a new diffusion tensor imaging technique, labelled SAD-TI (Singlet-Assisted Diffusion Tensor Imaging), which couples the latest advances in singlet-NMR to the well known and extremely powerful DTI technique. Such developments will give access to important information for the characterisation of many interesting materials and we are particularly interested in applying such technique to a 3D-printed scaffolding for tissue engineering provided by our collaborators in Australia (Mia Woodruff’s group, QUT, Brisbane, AU).

The closing date for the application is 31 Aug 2018 with interviews in September. The PhD program officially starts on 27 September 2018.
For more details on the project and how to apply see: or

Chemistry at the University of Southampton provides an excellent environment for taking a PhD. The department was ranked 6th for research intensity and 8th for research power in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. The magnetic resonance section (see in Chemistry offers a variety of facilities and complimentary expertise that includes solid-state NMR, bioNMR, microfluidics and MRI. Facilities includes a 300MHz, two 400MHz, a 500MHz, three 600MHz and a 700MHz NMR magnets with equipment that allows solid-state, liquid state and micro-imaging applications. An EPR instrument is also available as well as a state-of-art dynamic nuclear (DNP) polariser. The University offer access to complimentary techniques including X-Ray, micro-CT, IR and MS.

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