Position of Research Engineer in Solid State NMR

The Analytical Department of the Research Center of Feluy (Belgium) being part of the Refining and Chemistry branch of TOTAL is looking for a Research  Engineer specialized in Solid State NMR for a fixed-term contract of 12 month.

Under the responsibility of the Structure, Functionality and Morphology Service Manager, the applicant mission will be to:
-              Design, conduct and implement developments in high resolution solid NMR to provide the key chemical informations required by the R&D departments and other RC’s divisions in the field of catalysts and polymers characterization and in this way participate in the development and commercialization of new products, catalysts or processes and resolution of problems encountered by customers or in the Business Units.
-              Adapt practices to customer requests and products, evaluate new methods and new equipments,
-              Operate and analyze high resolution liquid NMR experiments.
-              Analyze results, draw conclusions, make the necessary recommendations and draft synthetic documents
-              Ensure reliable analytical results,
-              Propose and follows works done with academics in her/his area of competence,
-              Propose equipment investments, maintenance schedules, ensures the availability of machines and consumables,
-              Tutor trainees,

Required Profile:              Engineer or PhD in chemistry or analytical science. Solid NMR specialty
Moreover, Knowledge or experience in catalyze and/or Polymer domains would be highly appreciated

Experience:                        Beginner accepted

Specific abilities:               Great interpersonal skills
Project management
Strong written and oral communication skills in French and in English.
                                                To have an analytical turn of mind
                                                To work as a team

To apply to this position send a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter to: Vincent.livadaris@total.com