Post-doc position in Protein NMR and MD simulations in Paris

We are looking for post-doctoral candidates to join an exciting project on the determination of mechanisms of allostery mediated by disulfide bonds in proteins with NMR spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations. The role of the post-doc associate will be to work with experimental NMR as well as molecular dynamics simulations and theoretical modeling.

This project is a collaboration between the NMR group at Ecole normale superieure and the group of theoretical biochemistry at the Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, both within PSL Research University.

Post-doctoral candidates should have strong experience in nuclear magnetic resonance with, if possible, some knowledge of molecular dynamics simulations. Applications from candidates with an excellent track record in molecular dynamics simulations and a will to learn experimental NMR will also be considered.

This position is initially funded for two years and is open from April 1st 2017. Salary will be commensurate with experience.

The NMR team is located at the Department of Chemistry of the Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris. The group offers a unique environment where the research activity on magnetic resonance methodology encompasses pulse sequence development for liquid-state and solid-state NMR, hyperpolarization, MRI as well as new innovative hardware. Many of these developments are designed to explore dynamic processes in proteins. In particular, we develop new approaches to characterize protein motions with high-resolution relaxometry. For more information see:


The candidate will collaborate with the groups of Dr. Fabio Sterpone and Dr. G. Stirnemann in Paris, in the Laboratoire de Biochimie Théorique at the Institut de Biologie  Physico-Chimique ( The Laboratoire de Biochimie Théorique is an internationally recognized laboratory with the mission of developing and applying computational methodologies to solve biological relevant problems. The members are active in the fields of docking, atomistic and coarse-grained simulations tackling problems as protein/protein and protein/DNA interactions, dynamics and function of membrane proteins, protein folding and aggregation.  For more info on F. Sterpone and G. Stirnemann activities:


The Ecole normale superieure and Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique are both ideally located at the scientific and historic heart of Paris.

Interested candidates should send their full CV to Fabien Ferrage ( and provide three references in a cover letter. Applications are welcome until the position is filled.