Post-doc - Structural biology CEA Saclay 30km from Paris

Post-doc - Structural biology for the understanding of the mechanisms of assembly of chromatin coupled with homologous recombination


A postdoctoral position is available in the team of Molecular Assemblies and Integrity of Genomes of F. Ochsenbein (CEA SACLAY, CNRS I2BC, The laboratory is involved in studying histone assembly coupled to DNA replication and implications for genome integrity1-7. A project has been funded in collaboration with the group of S. Lambert ( and M. Amor-Gueret ( for studying of the coupling between chromatin assembly mechanisms by histone chaperones and homologous recombination DNA repair8. Various methods in structural biology (NMR, x-ray crystallography, ITC, Chromatography, fork reconstitutions) combined with genetic approaches in fission yeast will be will be used to gain insights into mechanistic understanding of these processes and how dysfunctions of these pathways are involved in the development of cancers. The project will benefit from a large and rich scientific environment of the new university Paris-Saclay, the proximity of the synchrotron Soleil, and facility for biomolecular NMR of the CEA Saclay.  

The candidate should have a PhD in the field of structural biology, NMR, and / or protein crystallography, with experience in biochemistry, production of recombinant proteins. Contract of 1 year renewable 2 times. Possibility of recruitment in permanent contract.


Position to be filled before the end of 2017.

Remuneration: according to salary scale and experience.

Send cover letter and CV by e-mail to:


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