Post doctoral position Grenoble : structural biology

The I2BM team at the Department of Molecular Chemistry (DCM) in Grenoble, France has openings for a post-doctoral researcher (starting date January-February 2016)

The project aims at understanding the interaction between the “normal” prion protein PrP and the APE1protein, a major player of DNA Repair. It has been shown recently that PrP protects neuronal cells from deleterious effects of genotoxic agents by stimulating DNA Repair. More precisely, PrP binds APE1 and stimulates its activity. This interaction involves the N-terminal domains but no detailed structural data are available yet. Our goal is to shed light on this process by using biophysical methods. Spectroscopic study of the complex formed by APE1 and PrP N termini by using NMR, FTIR and fluorescence anisotropy will permit to highlight their role and precise their structural and thermodynamic features. This project should contribute to improve the knowledge on DNA Repair whose dysfunction is a recognised cause for many human pathologies going from neurodegenerative diseases to cancer. 

We look for a motivated candidate having accomplished a PhD in biophysics, or structural biology and who is motivated by such a multidisciplinary project. Strong skills in structural study of proteins by NMR are desired. Experience in protein production and purification and spectroscopic techniques such as fluorescence and Infrared is a strong plus.

The successful candidate will be part of I2BM  team hosted in the Department of Molecular Chemistry (DCM). Our group possess a solution-state NMR 500 MHz and has access to high -field TGIR-NMR facilities (in Grenoble, 600, 700, 850 and 950 MHz located at IBS). Complementary biophysical investigations using FTIR and fluorescence anisotropy will be performed in V. Forges ‘s team “Amyloid Fibres: From Foldopathies to NanoDesign”hosted in CEA-Grenoble .

This research project is funded by the French National Research Agency - labex ARCANE
(one year renewable once). Applications, containing a detailed CV, a list of publications
and a clear statement of motivation, as well as names and contact details of 2-3 reference persons
should be sent via e-mail to and