Post-Doctoral Position in NMR Relaxometry for Medicine CEA-Grenoble France

Post-Doctoral Position in NMR Relaxometry for Medicine CEA-Grenoble France –


European Horizon 2020 IDentIFY Project*

Start date: from November 2017
Contract duration: from 12 to 24 months
Position type: full-time
Net monthly salary: between about 2200 and 2350 € + social benefits paid by
the employer.

Candidates should have graduated or done research in one of the following
subjects: physics, chemistry, biology or medicine. We expect good skills in
methods of modelling and simulation together with a real interest to
collaborate at the interface of experimental and theoretical projects with the
IDentIFY partners.

Scientific challenge
The aim is to understand the field-variation of the NMR longitudinal
relaxation rate R1 in tissue‐mimicking systems and tissues at low and ultra-
low magnetic field in order to use these R1 features as ground-breaking
biomarkers of diseases. To this end, models of the intricate slow motions of
water and macromolecules through space should be developed together with a
theory of the nuclear relaxation induced by this molecular dynamics. Besides,
the conditions leading to the highest efficiency of paramagnetic contrast
agents and to the appearance of quadrupole peaks due to 14N nuclei with labile
hydrogen in proteins should be investigated. Efficient and practical computer
programs for analysing the nuclear relaxation profiles are expected as

Post-Doctoral research program
The successful candidate will have the opportunity to develop
multidisciplinary skills. He/she will have to commit to theory and software
development. A proactive attitude towards gathering and exploring
representative systems is also required.

The laboratory
Research activities and available facilities include
- simulation of molecular motions, theories of NMR and EPR relaxation,
software development (Mathematica, Fortran) on personal computer and
- physico-chemical characterizations by complementary techniques such as NMR
multi-field spectroscopy and relaxation (conventional spectrometers and Fast-
Field Cycling NMR relaxometer), potentiometry, X-ray crystallography,
electrospray mass ionization spectrometry (ES-MS), UV-vis fluorescence.

Information on scientific questions and applications with supporting letters
should be sent to:

Dr. Pascal H. FRIES, INAC/MEM, CEA-Grenoble, F-38054 Grenoble Cedex 9, France
Tel.: +33 4 38 78 31 07 E-mail:

Laboratory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (LRM), Service for Modelling and
Exploration of Materials (MEM)
Department Institute for Nanosciences and Cryogenics (INAC), Commissariat à
l'Energie Atomique - Grenoble, France

* The project IDentIFY (Improving Diagnosis by Fast Field‐Cycling Magnetic
Resonance Imaging) is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and
innovation programme under grant agreement No 668119.