Post-doctoral position in preclinical MRI/NMR spectroscopy

Two post-doctoral fellowships are available in the Department of Radiology and
Biomedical Imaging at UCSF, in Dr. John Kurhanewicz’s Laboratory. The fellow
will be involved in hyperpolarized 13C MR metabolism and physiology studies
involving cutting edge preclinical models of prostate and renal cancer. The
studies will utilize living cells in bioreactors, patient derived tissue
slices as well as transgenic mouse models. These biologically relevant animal
models will be used to identify and validate imaging markers of disease
presence, severity and treatment response.
The ideal candidate should have a strong background in MR spectroscopic
imaging. Familiarity with dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization 13C imaging
is an added bonus, but not required. Candidates with a broad experience in
animal and biologic tissue and cell handling will be preferred. Candidates
with fervent interest in metabolism and its implication in diseases like
cancer are encouraged to apply.
The Biomedical NMR Laboratory within the NMR Lab on the Mission Bay Campus of
UCSF occupies 1660 sq. ft. and houses two high field (500 and 600 MHz) Varian
NMR spectrometers, and a low field (3T) animal imaging system and 1.5T bench
top NMR (PulsarTM, Oxford Instruments) uniquely integrated with two
HyperSenseTM (Oxford Instruments) DNP polarizers enabling cell and tissue
culture bioreactor and animal studies. The high filed magnets have
complimentary features, including high-resolution magic angle spinning (HR-
MAS) spectroscopy capabilities, and micro-imaging capabilities. The department
also has facilities for cell and tissue molecular biology and RF coil
If interested, please contact Dr. John Kurhanewicz (
or Dr. Renuka Sriram (