Postdoc position related to Polymer Chemistry and NMR Methods at MPI für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim

Joint postdoc position in the Chromatography and NMR departments, which has to be filled before Oct 1st.

The dispersion of NMR samples in weakly orientating media introduces anisotropic effects, such as residual dipolar couplings (RDCs), which can be used complementarily to Nuclear Overhauser Effects and J-couplings to determine the stereo-configuration and conformation of solutes as well as to differentiate enantiomeric pairs in racemic mixtures. Though the information delivered by RDCs is undeniably valuable, the approach still lacks a straightforward protocol which could lift it to a high-throughput method accessible to every chemistry lab.

Currently, the most common strategies to impose homogenous anisotropy across the sample has been to gently and homogeneously disperse the analyte into stretched and compressed polymer gels, or into magnetic field-aligned liquid crystals. We plan to explore new alignment strategies, centered on the use of molecular imprinting, the orientation of dipoles in an external electrical field or the combination of both. We will focus our efforts on developing general-purpose alignment media biased towards catalysis research, e.g. to efficiently establish enantiomeric excess in situ during scope characterization of novel stereospecific catalysts or to rapidly identify reaction products and intermediates without the need for tedious separation and crystallization steps.

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