Postdoc position at Utrecht University: solid-state NMR based drug

A 2.5 years postdoc position in structural characterisation and design of novel antibiotics in the group of Dr. Markus Weingarth at Utrecht University, the Netherlands is open.

The project deals with the high-resolution characterisation of drug-receptor interactions of a promising class of antibiotics that bear the potential to kill multi-drug resistant pathogens at nanomolecular concentration. Together with collaborators from Utrecht pharmacy and medical departments, we eventually aim to rationally develop novel and improved antibiotics.

For the structural characterisation, our team uses recombinant expression techniques and advanced solid-state NMR methods such as 1H-detection and DNP in vitro and cellular conditions. We are embedded within the well-equipped Utrecht NMR facility (solid state NMR: 950, 800, 700, 500 MHz // 800 & 400 MHz DNP // several high field solution NMR magnets). A 1.2 GHz magnet will be installed in the near future.

The ideal candidate should be experienced in recombinant expression techniques and solid OR solution NMR. Experience in NMR structure calculation is a plus. Experience in other biophysical techniques (ITC, spectroscopic techniques) would also be valuable.

The position is to be filled asap, and the selected candidate will be part of several antibiotics characterisation/design projects that have been successfully implemented in my lab.

To apply, and for further inquiries, please contact