Postdoc Positions in DNP at ETH

there are two postdoctoral positions open at ETH Zurich in the field of DNP
in the groups of Sebastian Kozerke and Matthias Ernst.

The first positions concerns Magnetic Resonance (MR) pulse sequence design,
image reconstruction and data analysis approaches for Dynamic Nuclear
Polarization (DNP) based hyperpolarized imaging of cardiac perfusion and
metabolism on experimental MR equipment:
It will be based at the Institut for Biomedical Engineering (Sebastian Kozerke,

The second position concerns the development of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
(DNP) based hyperpolarized methods for in-vitro and in-vivo imaging purposes.
Project foci are on DNP hardware development and optimization as well as on
novel materials for hyperpolarized imaging including nanoparticles for in-vivo
imaging applications:
It will be based at the Laboratory for Physical Chemistry (Matthias Ernst,

Both positions are part of a long-standing collaboration between the two groups
and close collaboration with students and postdocs in both groups is expected.
In the past we have developed three DNP polarizers at 3.4 and 7 T field which
can be used with NMR systems and a small animal imaging systems. The group of
Sebastian Kozerke also has a SpinLab polarizer for clinical imaging systems

More information can be found online under the above mentioned links. For
detailed questions about the two positions, please contact Sebastian Kozerke
( or Matthias Ernst ( Applications for
the two positions can be submitted online using the above mentioned links.

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