Postdoc in protein dynamics at Univ. North Carolina, USA

Postdoctoral position for solution NMR studies of dynamic and structural mechanisms underlying allostery in enzymes -- The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A postdoctoral position will be available for NMR studies of protein allostery in the lab of Andrew Lee at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ( ). The projects are on allosteric, dimeric enzymes in the size range of 60-70 kDa. NMR spectroscopy and other biophysical methods (ITC, x-ray crystallography, MD simulations) will be used to gain mechanistic understanding of allosteric and dynamic processes. The projects may involve click chemistry bioconjugation strategies for the stabilization of partially isotopically labeled dimers. Candidates are sought with expertise in any one or more of the areas including: protein structural biology and biophysics, protein biochemistry/bioconjugation/enzymology, and NMR spectroscopy. These projects will employ advanced protein NMR techniques appropriate for large proteins, including NMR spin relaxation, to be carried out in a world-class, recently constructed biomolecular NMR facility. In addition, the projects are collaborative and take advantage of the expertise at UNC. Chapel Hill (and neighboring Carrboro) is a charming university town, and the growing Research Triangle area provides a stimulating environment with a wealth of opportunities. Interested individuals should contact Professor Andrew L. Lee, in the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, at

Andrew L. Lee, Ph.D.


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