Postdoc in SSNMR methods to study gas-surface interactions in nanoporous materials - CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Job Summary:
A 1-year postdoctoral position is readily available (with possibility for a 6-12 months extension) in NMR spectroscopy applied to functional sorbent materials at CICECO - Aveiro Materials Institute (, University of Aveiro. We are looking for candidates with self-initiative and previous NMR background, preferably, in solid-state NMR spectroscopy. The post-doctoral researcher should be independent working at the NMR spectrometer and able to program or/and adapt pulse sequences to run specific experiments to study selected nanoporous inorganic-organic hybrid materials (e.g., zeolite, modified mesoporous silicas, PMOs, MOFs); the main goal lies in gaining an atomic-level understanding of the surface interactions formed between these materials and strategically labeled gas mixtures, mimicking industrial flue gas streams relevant in post-combustion CO2 capture applications. In exceptional cases, the lack of relevant NMR experience can be compensated with a demonstrated knowledge in porous materials or quantum chemical calculations. He will work between different projects with the opportunity to tackle industrially relevant problems related to catalysis, environmental or pharmaceutical sciences, involving CICECO researchers & industrial partners. 
 The successful candidate will take advantage of an interdisciplinary environment with privileged access to multiple solid-state characterisation equipments including 6 liquid/solid-state NMR spectrometers [Liquids: 300 and 500 MHz; Solids: 400, 500, 700 and 800 MHz magnets] with Bruker AV III HD consoles and a wide range of probes. Aveiro city is located between the two major capitals (Porto & Lisbon) and has a very high-quality of life with great weather and food, stunning beaches along its coastline, lagoons, … 

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Parallel activity: The candidate will also participate in a parallel project aiming at studying Brønsted/Lewis acidity in modified micro- and mesoporous zeolites using special probe molecules (in partnership with oil industry - BP).

Deadline: Applications should be sent until April 15.

Academic Requirements / Qualifications: 
- Prospective applicants should possess a PhD in Chemistry, Physics, Physical Chemistry, Materials, or related fields;
- Previous experience in NMR spectroscopy or pulse programming will be highly regarded (based on past peer-reviewed publications or any other equivalent indicator);
- Competencies in materials science or and/or computer modelling are also relevant skills for this position;
- Good English communication skills (oral + written) are mandatory;
- Applicants with experience in one or more of the topics below are greatly encouraged to apply.

a) NMR characterization or preparation/synthesis of functionalized/modified materials for gas capture applications; 
b) Study of acid sites in crystalline and amorphous molecular sieves (e.g., zeolites); 
c) DFT calculations of adsorbed molecules at surfaces and related computational methods.

- Applications should be sent to, containing: i) an application letter mentioning the contacts of two or three references; ii) Curriculum Vitae; iii) 2-3 most relevant papers related to this position (other indicators of interest are welcome if necessary) iv) copy of ID card or passport; v) Academic degree certificate(s). The position will remain open until filled. 

For any inquiries about the position, please send me an email.

Representative publications in Materials:

- L. Mafra, T. Čendak, S. Schneider, P. V. Wiper, J. Pires, J.R.B. Gomes, M.L. Pinto, Structure of Chemisorbed CO2 Species in Amine-Functionalized Mesoporous Silicas Studied by Solid-State NMR and Computer Modeling, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139 (2017) 389–408.
- M.A.O. Lourenço, C. Siquet, M. Sardo, L. Mafra, J. Pires, M. Jorge, M.L. Pinto, P. Ferreira, J.R.B. Gomes, Interaction of CO2 and CH4 with Functionalized Periodic Mesoporous Phenylene-Silica: Periodic DFT Calculations and Gas Adsorption Measurements, J. Phys. Chem. C. 120 (2016) 3863–3875.
- Wiper, P. V., Amelse, J., Mafra, L., Multinuclear solid-state NMR characterization of the Brønsted/Lewis acid properties in the BP HAMS-1B (H-[B]-ZSM-5) borosilicate molecular sieve using adsorbed TMPO and TBPO probe molecules, J. Catal. 316 (2014) 240-250.
- L. Mafra, J. Klinowski, Advanced Solid-State NMR Techniques for the Study of Molecular Sieves, in: eMagRes, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, UK, 2013: pp. 149–184. doi:10.1002/9780470034590.emrstm1307.
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About CICECO: 
CICECO is a top materials science institute in Portugal and a leading research center in Europe in the area of materials. Our mission is developing the scientific and technological knowledge necessary for the innovative production and transformation of materials for a sustainable development and the benefit of society (from ceramics to soft matter and hybrids). For facts and figures visit