PostDoc/Associate position, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York

A position for a PostDoc or Associate is available immediately in the Gavathiotis Laboratory at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York in the area of NMR-based structural biology. Our laboratory uses structural and chemical biology approaches with the goal to characterize novel biological mechanisms that are contributing to cancer or other diseases and develop small molecule inhibitors and activators. We currently focus on BCL-2 family proteins and other protein-protein interactions and kinases in cell death and cell survival pathways such as apoptosis, mitochondrial dynamics, selective autophagy and oncogenic signaling.

The successful candidate will benefit from access to outstanding resources in NMR and X-ray crystallography including a SampleJet autosampler, robotic dispensers for NMR sample preparation and crystallization, protein production facilities (E.coli, baculovirus and mammalian cells), biophysical analysis (MST, FP, ITC, SPR, DLS), proteomics, and Linux clusters for computational modeling and calculations. Our laboratory has access to high-field NMR including two in house 600 MHz NMR spectrometers, two 900 MHz and three 800 MHz NMR spectrometers among others at the New York Structural Biology Center (NYSBC). NYSBC also provides access to additional resources in X-ray crystallography, Cryo-electron microscopy and Small-angle X-ray scattering.

The candidate will have a Ph.D. in a relevant area with a strong publication record demonstrating experience in multidimensional NMR data acquisition and analysis, protein structure determination, protein dynamics, protein-protein/ligand interactions. Experience in additional areas of structural biology, biochemistry, biophysics, structure-based drug design or chemical biology and will be further appreciated. The salary and benefits for this position, including career development opportunities are highly competitive.


Applicants should send a cover letter, including 1-2 page summary of past and present research interests and accomplishments, and a curriculum vitae with names and contact details of three references. Please send your application or any specific question related to the position at

Albert Einstein College of Medicine is located in New York in a scenic Bronx campus that includes comfortable, affordable housing in an area rich with recreation and entertainment. The scientific environment provides outstanding research training opportunities. Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.